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Rahul Daswani is an intrapreneur, passionate about designing and implementing organisation-wide initiatives to build capabilities. His experience over the last 10 years includes founding or being in the early stages of 3 government startups: Strategy Group in Singapore's Prime Minister's Office, SkillsFuture Singapore (to encourage lifelong learning), and the Climate Change Development Authority of Papua New Guinea. 

He currently leads the Futures team at the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore, looking at how technologies, social and geopolitical issues could affect domestic security, civil defence, drug and immigration policies. He also works on strategic resource planning, deciding how to allocate headcount across the sector in the 3-5 year time horizon.

He has worked at both macro and micro levels, assessing the demand and supply of critical skills across industries at SkillsFuture Singapore, crafting scenarios for the future at the Prime Minister's Office in Singapore, creating sustainable development plans with provinces in Indonesia while at McKinsey, scaling up agricultural extension services in Ethiopia through good governance and business practices, and building talent through personalised capacity building at the Climate Change  Development Authority in Papua New Guinea.  

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