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Rituja Indapure is an experienced storyteller, activist, artist, and a veteran community leader passionate about women’s education and equality. She has a vast range of experience across the fields of internet technologies, community organizing, performance arts, film and podcasts.


Rituja works at Costco as an Analyst currently focused on eCommerce Fulfillment and Supply Chain management systems. She has expertise in planning, systems analysis, troubleshooting and reporting. She is also passionate about implementing and improving processes that increase efficiency and team productivity. 


Rituja is a United Way Ambassador and has previously served on the boards of Tasveer and The Seattle Globalist. She is a popular public speaker and an active volunteer and




organizer in the Seattle community. As a Humanities Washington Speaker, she has highlighted how the art of storytelling can help heal from sexual abuse. Through these talks, she has been a tremendous inspiration and changed lives, one talk at a time.


In 2017, she was a featured KSARC (King County Sexual Assault Resource Center) advocate.
In 2018, Rituja was appointed to the Sammamish Planning Commission. She also serves on the Washington State Women’s Commission and on the advisory board of Sammamish Y. She is passionate about issues facing women and girls, in particular, empowering them through education and creating equity in the society .

Rituja received her bachelor's degree English literature, and  LL B from the University of Pune. She studied at  the University of Nottingham for her LLM.

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